1300 - 1800 Phone Numbers

In Association with Telecube, Your IT Help can now offer it's customers solutions for 1300, 1800 phone numbers and VOIP.

Realtime Configuration

Geographically independant numbers that cost the same to call from anywhere in Australia. Make it easy for your customers to call you.

Telecube are the first in the industry to offer real-time setup and configuration of 1300 number & 1800 number services. Manage everything from inside your account control panel

Prepaid Accounts

Telecube operate on a prepaid basis only.
This allows Telecube to offer the best prices in the industry.

1300 Numbers: Are classified as local-rate numbers which usually means to call the number costs a local fee. However carriers tend to charge different rates. At the moment the normal cost to call a 1300 number is 25c 1800 Numbers: Are classified as toll free numbers which means to call the number is free. Deciding which type of number is right for your business depends on a few things.

A 1300 number is best if:

  • You expect to get mainly calls from around your local area.

A 1800 number is best if:

  • You want to encourage enquiries of any kind.

Calls to inbound numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile phone in any area. Prices are different depending on the caller location relative to the answer point.

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